Mt. Pleasant, Utah, about 1915

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This site is dedicated to McFarland family ancestors and descendents as well as related families. Please feel free to look around. If you want additional access and information please sign up for a user account using the "Request User Account" item on the bottom left of your screen.

One of the reasons I chose this format is the difficulty I have had keeping up with all the various families. Those who wish to assist with the families to which they belong can request a level of access that will allow them the ability to add, edit and delete information, families, individuals, and other information.

The net result is that this is a collaborative site with several people assisting in keeping it up to date, researching, sharing results, etc. My focus is on the McFarland families that came through the Eastern Kentucky area. As others wish to keep up other areas the detail on the Rogers, Mitchell, Underwood and similar families will start showing up.

Again, enjoy the site and if you want to see additional information sign up for an account. If you want to assist in the collaborative effort request administrative access for that particular family. You will get access to that family and all descendants of that family, so pick a parent or grandparent so you can change information for siblings and the like.


feature 1 Thanks Sheila. Many thanks to Sheila Speed for volunteering to udate and assist with the descendants of Henry Allen McFarland and his siblings.

feature 2 Seeking Help. I am particularly looking for people who might be interested in updating information on the lines of William and Ethel's various children as well as the Barnabas McFarland, Rogers, Burnett, and Mitchell lines. Those interested in other lines that are part of this tree please let me know.

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